The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Special Report on Climate Change and Land says that up to 183 million more people will be at risk of hunger and solutions proposed to mitigate climate change will lead to a ~20% increase in hunger in Africa, southeast Asia, and India but it will be felt everywhere. 
Devang Mehta says that's why he came away from the report more frustrated than ever with mainstream public environmentalism and what one policy expert has called, “the empty radicalism of the climate apocalypse.”

One example he cites is the modern environmental movement’s love affair with organic farming, which doesn’t even feature once in the chapters of the IPCC report dedicated to food security. That's because it is one of the very worst ways of farming if your objective is to conserve land. If the world converted completely to organic agriculture, we would need between 16 and 81% more land to feed the planet. 

Read the entire article and have renewed hope for the future, if regressives will just get out of the way.