We now know that during the last election, a worldwide pandemic was also manipulated culturally for political gain. Just like in 2008, Democrats were early adopters with new tactics, viral internet campaigns, reneging on a promise to obey McCain-Feingold campaign finance rules so they could outspend Republicans 2:1, etc. 

But now the right has caught up in lots of ways. In 2008, the left was anti-vaccine, and in 2021 the right took it up. The kooky fringe on both sides looked at the nationwide FEMA system and attributed hidden meaning to it. To the left, it was a zombie apocalypse caused by vaccines, cell phones, and GMOs, to the right it was vaccines, and government desire to keep us in a State of Emergency, which both President Biden and California Governor Gavin Newsom milked as long as they could.

That Russia, India, and the US all did it at the same time? Conspiracy, according to the left. And to the right. Even in 1932, journalists were so in-the-bag for Democrats that they kept Franklin Roosevelt's disability out of coverage. Even when he fell numerous times. All Hillary Clinton had was a cough in 2016 and journalists were unable to suppress it. Which is why the right may believe they are on to something with this FEMA alert hijacking your phone. 

Left-wing witches are generally less attractive than the right.  Science has no explanation for that.

The left thinks cell phones, and specifically 5G, are out to control us.

Some argue that belief in magic, and magical things like global conspiracies, are a basic human need. It isn't science, but it is correlation, and weight of evidence says that is one of the few cases where epidemiology is onto something, because both sides believe that whatever corporate conspiracy they believe in most is part of the emergency alert.

Make of that what you will, but it is good we live in a world where we have to fabricate threats, rather than nature alone being enough to terrify us.