With nearly $600 billion in unfunded liabilities, a loss of $30 billion just this year, and new regulations that will create unemployment while an entire Congressional seat fled for a more welcoming place, California needs ways to cut back.
California solar is one place they're reducing costs. Right now, solar customers who already got subsides to install their panels also get to the sell excess energy back to the utility at the same price they'd buy it.

That obviously makes so little sense it's a surprise even politicians fell for it, but the state regulates utilities and tells them to pass the costs along to conventional energy customers. Everyone wins except the poor, and they don't donate to campaigns. 

Now the state wants to cut the energy subsidies, just on excess electricity, just for new solar installations, and solar industry lobbyist are outraged. They say it will cause globally warming. 

Smart people in Malibu will install batteries to keep their energy rather than selling it wholesale and buying it back retail. Greedy faux progressives demand that poor people in Compton continue to fund their virtue signals.