You wouldn't know it by deceptive marketing practices but it takes far more chemicals per calorie using "organic" certified pesticides than it does using modern ones. 

The reason is simple; organic industry lobbyists picked an artificial point in time and declared anything before it was organic. Mutagenesis, for example, is a literal radiation and chemical bath to force mutations randomly, but thousands and thousands of products are not only on the market without protest, they are certified organic while far more precise modern genetic modification is not. 

Their worst hypocrisy is pesticides. They don't want you to know how heavily they use pesticides, nor do their allies. I was on the Food Talk radio program with an organic industry talking head one time and they were on a bender about labeling pesticides used in food. I said I agreed. Only 7% of consumers care about GMOs unprompted but 80 percent want to know what pesticides are used in food production. Then I asked the organic industry trade group rep if they'd join us in an effort to get all pesticides listed. 

They stammered and said organic food didn't need any labels and I asked if they believed organic shoppers didn't want to know about all pesticides used and stammering began and organic industry ally Mike Adams cut my mic and went to commercial. 

I've never been invited back on. For good reason. Any guest who makes your industry sponsors look hypocritical needs to be blocked. 

The truth is that organic food not only uses toxic pesticides, they have to use them in stupefying amounts. 

A case in point is Sweden. 

Swedish farmers, like most farmers, pick their spots for organic stuff. Whole Foods doesn't want you to know it, but most organic farmers have a field set aside and grow conventional forms of other crops in other fields - they are not small peasant farms weeding by hand or whatever gives wealthy elites squee with delight.

One farmer who recently bailed on organic did so because winter wheat using modern chemicals yields 9 to 10 tons per hectare winter wheat grown using older organic pesticides produced 5-6.5 tons/ha. Okay, it is no secret that a world 100 percent organic is s world of starvation during bad years, Sri Lanka made themselves the canary in the coal mine when they switched to all organic and the entire country collapsed in months.

But people who believe organic is more nutritious, healthier, less toxic to the environment, or will save us from climate change are also wealthy, so they can pay a lot more. So the profit is about the same.

Except it isn't. Swedish farmers who grow organic eggs have so many more regulations farmers are abandoning that, along with crops. When Sweden began to limit how many toxic chemicals could be used, organic no longer worked. In the US, California is the only state that has data on organic industry chemicals and that showed they need 6X as many pounds of chemicals as conventional. If California limited the amount of all chemicals on food, the organic industry in the state would disappear overnight.  

The only companies that would be able to compete are much larger organic operations. You know, the "factory" farms that organic marketing claims they oppose.