The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) Committee for Risk Assessment is unsurprisingly more literate than a San Francisco jury, so they have joined every major scientific body in recognizing that the common weedkiller glyphosate does not cause cancer, or any other ailment, unless you fall into a vat of it and drown.

Like anyone literate, they know plants are not tiny people. The biological pathway that would kill Groot does not exist in humans at all. 

Who is not literate? The UN International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a group of activist epidemiologists who claim they can correlate the weedkiller to cancer using studies they hand-picked, including ones Working Group members participated in - they became so embroiled in controversy after their statisticians declared 500,000 biologists, chemists, and toxicologists as being wrong that they need immediately rushed to declare coffee safer than they claimed it was before.

Image link:jessandeeonline

No one is fooled. Their reputation is so bad that outside groups know in advance what their determination of the artificial sweetener aspartame will be(CANCER!) and yet few journalists even bother to mention it. Nor will they mention that IARC ignores dose, so if 10,000 shots of whisky can harm you, in their monograph will declare a dram causes cancer too.

The new finding doesn't just match scientists around the world, it matches the European Food Safety Authority. Despite that, it is expected when the EU meets in July they will ban it. Science does not matter in Europe, and has not for decades.