Electric vehicle owners get subsidized buy the poor to adopt an environmental halo. They use electricity, not fossil fuels, they believe, so they are saving the planet.

The environmental reality is much starker and just like ethanol and natural gas, which environmental groups once lobbied heavily to get into common use, they are going to turn on electric cars the minute the lawsuits look profitable.

The science community already knew that the batteries haven't improved in decades, hype claims aside, recycling even a fraction of them takes more energy than they are worth, and if they are not recycled they are toxic waste.

People who bought them even a few years ago, sold by marketing claims, are now seeing red. Like Tuomas Katainen, who blew up his Tesla Model S rather than spend $22,000 to replace his battery. Instead, he bought 66 pounds of dynamite and did what a lot of others are going to want to do - and made video of the explosion.