When you get in that expensive electric car, you are exposing your age, gender, social security number, religious beliefs, marital status, your race, if you are a citizen, even if you have a disability. Tesla says they don't sell your information to outside companies but they were also busted for sharing videos of customers internally, including kids, including nudity, so it's not secure.

I am not just picking on electric cars, though they are a nationally-subsidized grift so they should at least be stealing from us less after the sale. Virtually any car made since 2006 uses its sensors, microphones, cameras, bluetooth, and vehicle telematics to spy on you and harvest everything it is allowed.

And it is allowed a lot. Because you said they could. 

Even if you think you own that Subaru, you consented to giving up the license to use and re-use your personal information just by getting inside. Nissan and Kia even even keep track of your sex life, according to Mozilla’s *Privacy Not Included report.

Nissan was the biggest offender. Officially.

You agreed to it. It's not hidden, it is right there on the website, too. Yet that may just mean Nissan is the most ethical, because they are telling you right there that they are taking your private data and using it to create a marketing profile. And keeping it for as long as they want.

Ford, Renault, etc. could be doing it without even bothering to disclose it. BMW doesn't just make terrible cars now, they are making terrible marketing easier than ever.