On the heels of the Supreme Court making a somewhat bizarre ruling that undid another bizarre ruling - Roe V Wade in 1973 found that abortion could not be illegal under the 14th Amendment, the 2022 ruling found that the 14th was irrelevant to abortion - there are concerns about new abortion limits and bans being put into place by states.

The true problem is the same as it always was, and what made abortions controversial in the US and abroad - there were no limits.  Guns are in the Constitution but still have limits. America was one of only two countries (Canada the other) that had no federal rules. They couldn't, because Roe V Wade only found that it could not be illegal, not that it was like interstate trucking and was under the control of the federal government.

Today there is concern that Florida is placing a 15-week ban on abortions not for medical reasons. But that is downright generous compared to other countries. France has a 14-week ban, and that was only after it was liberalized...in 2022. It only increased to 12 weeks in 2001, prior to that it was 10 weeks.

So Florida may have a limit some don't like but they should feel lucky they don't live in a conservative place like...Europe.

Anyone who is not pro-choice baffles me but in order for there to be a real discussion on hot topics there needs to be clarity on what is a concern and what is manufactured hype. And clarity is the last thing we are getting from corporate media and zealots on opposing sides.