I just read an article about an Irish military vet who played a posthumous prank on his funeral attendees, which got a laugh out of them, exactly as he wanted.

TIME put in the URL and I am going to click on it, because Irish people always sound funny to me, and at funerals I bet they are even funny.

The coffin lowering recording link was a remix of Greta Thunberg speeches. Except of course it wasn't, outside TIME magazine. I checked again to make sure I wasn't crazy and that TIME had actually provided a URL of a Greta Thunberg speech in a sentence about lowering someone in a coffin.

Then I checked the source. Yep, it's her.

I am not even sure how that happens. Do they hate her because she had more hits in media last week than TIME had since 2015 and it subconsciously came through? Are there no editors who read these articles? I'm actually fine if that's the case, Science 2.0 has no editors either, but this is TIME magazine. Newsweek, sure, they hired Kurt Eichenwald so they don't care about accuracy, but TIME is usually better than Huffington Post or Guardian or whatever place has "SEO experts" who pay fees to the company hacking stuff out.

Anyway, here is the actual video. TIME, fix your URLs. If you are doing these automagically, your attention-whoring for your own content is probably messing these up once a day.