The Center for Science in the Public Interest, the 'food police' that sued McDonald's to try and have toys removed from Happy Meals, (and unsurprisingly helped create a "nonpartisan" group that immediately declared 32 Democrats "flawless" due to their willingness to ban things without evidence in the last election) is spearheading another effort to blame obesity on soda.

And they are now saying McDonald's is awesome and that other companies should be like them, by removing what they often call "liquid candy" from kids meals. 

I don't agree that obesity is so simplistic and can be solved by turning one knob; I think it makes for clever fundraising campaigns and causes nothing, the same way their war on trans fats did not nothing; cities that banned them still had diabetes go up.

But they are also not always wrong. CSPI was, along with Science 2.0, among the only groups to call B.S. on an AAAS panel on the awesome health benefits of chocolate populated by researchers funded by a chocolate company.

And they agree with the science that raw milk is a bad idea. But bans and vilification are not the way to solve obesity.