A journal that published papers on something called 'ethical leadership' wouldn't seem to need any strong evidence basis, just a lot of surveys and weak observational claims with pretty words attached, so if it gets so many complaints it retracts five of your papers, you must really be out there.

Fred O. Walumbwa of the College of Business at Florida International University seems to be that guy. He is the common denominator in articles on the "impact of spiritual leadership on unit performance", "the mediating role of follower positivity in extreme contexts", "employee citizenship" and more.

Despite the fact that nothing in those lend itself to being what we might consider scientific the journal states that "assertions of seriously compromised scientific value and contribution" are valid and will be pulling the papers.

Walumbwa told RetractionWatch "We have data, we are working on that now."

Oh. If you have data, why wasn't it in the papers? And how did it get published in the first place?

Leadership journal to retract five papers from FIU scholar - RetractionWatch