If you ask most people what Froot Loops taste like, they will give you a litany of flavors, based on the colors they remember, it seems. 

It's all in their heads, just like buying organic food or homeopathy flu medication. In reality, Froot Loops all taste the same. 

This is not news, it's been well documented since at least the 1990s but it got mentioned in TIME a few days ago and so the blogosphere has been engaged in faux outrage. Not the kind of hyper outrage a Nature editor gets if he uses a real person's name after being insulted over and over on Twitter, but outrage just the same.

"We’ve all been misled" jokes Melissa Locker but some bloggers are not joking in their lamentation. I guess I assumed most people know Froot is not a real flavor. It does not say Cherry Lime and Lemon Loops, it says Froot Loops.

Credit: Getty Images. Link: TIME