Forget those politically correct world leaders zipping around Lisbon in no-emission electric vehicles, an American president needs to cowboy it up, no matter which party he is.  Our honor demands it.   That means a stretch Limo - eight tons of diesel-fueled, middle-finger-flipping-to-environmentalists overcompensation while on trips abroad.

Now, maybe he thinks Portugal is some third world country and the local police can't protect him from, you know, those terrorists he says don't exist, so he needs an armor-plated 6-miles-to-the-gallon ride.

Journalists being ferried around in electric buses certainly noted that Obama is ironically heading to discuss climate change and a common US-Europe approach to it while he sports a caravan of security vehicles and motorcycles, over 40 total, and everyone else just shows up.

Cadillac One - The Beast of Portugal
Cadillac One.  8 tons of diesel-fueled, Kevlar-tired, foam-in-the-gas-tank'ed, presidential-blood-in-coolers symbol of American dominance in risky settings like...Portugal.  Photo: Parivartan Sharma/Reuters

I'm not just picking on him, Pres. Bush hated the environment also.  And Al Gore brought a similar fleet of Limos and SUVs to a Berkeley rally where he then stood next to a Prius for the photo op.    I get that climate change is necessary for us little people but not government leaders.

So you keep on truckin' in “Cadillac One", Mr. President.   Anyone who criticizes you for it is just being a partisan shill for Fox News.