Students of sociology professor Dr. Leszek Sibilski at University of Maryland made a video asking for action on climate change.  They regard climate change as a social problem - most in science would regard it as a physics one but certainly taking action is a political, and therefore social, issue.

More people talking about going green is never a bad thing - and America has made a lot of progress there, though you hear little about it in our sound-bite-based, partisan media culture.  CO2 emissions in America are back at early 1990s levels, due primarily to big improvements in switching to natural gas for energy.  And if we can overcome our irrational anti-science stance on nuclear power, we will drive emissions from coal - already back at early 1980s levels of emissions - even farther down the list. 

Asking people to care about the environment is a great idea for sociology students - though we all sort of understand the recycling thing by now - but if they ask people to embrace science, even when it defies people in the environmental movement, that would be even better.