The HIV Virus replicates by transfering it's DNA to the infected "HOSTS" (The Person with HIV) Blood Cells! There is a way to Stop this transfer by injesting Pill form Calcium. While I have no "Evidence" of thei God has Laid upon my Heat that this will indeed "Cure" all patients with HIV infection. I have tried several ways to "Get this out" as they say but to no avail. I realize I am but a Simple Man but I do have a Good connection to God as We All do! It is not proven Scientifically yet but as you know Moldy Bread did alot for our World as a whole and although it sounds idiotic it does in fact work! 800mgs per day or BID taken 8hrs after and 1 hr prior to any food with 1 cup of Water and you will see "Results" within 5 Days!!! First thing in the morning is the Best time to take it, Coffee will interfere somewhat so Please use water instead. PLease know that I am not a Medical Professional and that 800mgs of Pill form Calcium (Concentrated is Best!) will not cause your Body any trouble! This is Big as they say and your Website has it as well as "Several " Research Facilities that are indeed looking into it anda "Testing" it as well. Get a "Leg up" on it and you will Definitely feel better withing 5 days!! Try it because if you are infected you have nothing to lose and at the least would gain a "Healthier" Bone Structure! THankyou!