I'm out of town today, so I'm doing a break from my usual work.  Instead, I thought I'd share these tales of geek love.  First up is a nice fluff piece by Ashley Nelson, 4 Reasons Why Women Dig Geeks. Only 4 reasons (you may ask)? There must be more than a dozen reasons why geeks rock!

And so there is. A 'best of craigslist' has 15 points on Why Geeks... are worth it, with the great final point: "They actually give a damn about you."  And if that's not enough, Jessica Merritt beats the concept to death with 50 reasons to date a geek.

There's an older Wired article on 5 Geek Marriage Proposals (that worked). First fellow got his proposal on google maps, which sets the bar for either 'awesome' or 'awkward', depending on your tastes.

But just to top that for geek fineness, I have a friend from the RPG game industry who is getting married. To another gamer. At GenCon, the big gaming fest. I think 'secret wedding at GenCon' tips them towards a win in the great geek romance contest.

Have a nice weekend, from Alex, your geekly romance consultant

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