I'm a reasonable man, but there's a laxness in cyberspace I just can't abide with. And I'm talking to you, space.com. I'll say it straight, you may know science but you ain't giving your readers any links to the real stuff. You just echo-chamber yourself-- all your dang blag links link back to you! If you ain't gonna share your references, you ain't doing science, just flappin' yer gums. Buck up and cite like a man, ya here?

Let's look at us down home at ScientificBlogging. We got us an article on NASA's report of 'water on the Moon'. It's a purty piece, maybe a bit talky, but it's got itself some solid references. Let's list 'em:

ScientificBlogging.com list of links:
  1. Photo from NASA, credited, linking to the NASA release
  2. Link to NASA MRO report on water on Mars
  3. Photo from NASA, credited, linking to the NASA release
  4. Link to NASA report on water on Moon
  5. Photo from NASA, credited, linking to the NASA release
Nothin' fancy, just good solid reporting. You wanna know more about things, them there's the links to go look it up yourself. Good links for our smart readers.

Now let's look at coverage of the same news from them space-dot folks. Just what are they providing as research?

Space.com list of shame:
  1. Link for lunar polar water ice... to a space.com multimedia cache
  2. Link to planned lunar impact... as covered by space.com
  3. Link to future lunar bases... linking to space.com article.
  4. Link to their own space.com water ice deposits article
  5. Link to their own space.com discussion on possible controversy
Oh, and they've got 4 pictures, all credited to NASA-- but linking to their own copies of it. You can't even get to the original pictures. And that's how they do just about every article. They ain't got any primary sources! If I was their schoolmarm, I'd a have ta flunk 'em.

Basically, their attitude seems to be, even if you want to know where we got our facts, we ain't telling. And that's just disrespectful of readers.

So, space.com, I'm calling you out. I sez to you, citation needed, hombre.

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