Since 2011 is nearing its end, you are already sick of those top 10 lists about the best X Of The Year.  I'll keep it simple and stick to just one.  My favorite photo of 2011 was not taken by me and it wasn't anything elaborate, like Osama Bin Laden getting capped or a science miracle or two kids making out on the street during riots in Vancouver. No, my favorite photo was taken last May, just like the ones of Bin Laden finally getting his virgins (but finding out they are virgin men - namely other terrorists), but it was much quieter.

Stefanie Gordon was flying from La Guardia Airport to Palm Beach to visit her parents the morning of May 16th when the pilot announced they would be able to see the liftoff of the space shuttle Endeavor.  She took out her trusty iPhone and snapped this amazing picture through the plane window, with the rocket ascending above the cloud shelf. It's really the only time I have respected an iPhone.
Thanks for sharing a great memory, Stef!

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