AMSTERDAM, March 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Whatser today announced a new version of its location-based mobile application, which is now available for iPhone and at Launched in beta in November, Whatser lets users collect their favorite spots, share them with their friends and make the city their own. The new features will offer users more ways to interact with friends and followers and share information about the places they love in their city.

Whatser suggests the best places to go, including restaurants, bars and shops based on a user's current location, preferences and social graph. Suggestions are personalized because they are based not only on where a user is but also on the opinions of the people users follow and trust.

In addition to a new look and feel, the Whatser mobile app and now offer:

- Activity stream: Whatser users can follow what friends are doing on Whatser in an activity stream. The activity stream shows when people add spots to their collection, start following other users, upload photos and add reviews. Users can now see what's happening within their city in real time. - Suggestions: The algorithm which the suggestions are based on has been improved, making it possible to offer even better and more personally relevant suggestions to users. - Photos: Users can upload their photos to their favorite spots. Photos can be taken and uploaded within the app or added from a user's existing photo library. - Reviews: Reviews of spots can now be added by Whatser users so they can share their experiences with their friends and tell followers why a spot is part of their collection.

"Whatser is really about re-discovering the city you live in. Finding out about places to go to and feeling confident you'll have a great experience when you go there, because it's one of your friends' favorite spots. Soon, we will also make it possible for users to follow their favorite brands and local businesses to find out about the latest updates, such as sales, offers, menu updates and new exhibitions", commented Michiel Verberg, Director Marketing and co-founder of Whatser.

Notes to Editors:

Whatser (v 1.6) is available in public beta, for the iPhone, (, with versions for Android and Blackberry in development. All content is also fully accessible through

Screenshots are available upon request or can be found at To watch a video on how to use Whatser, visit Vimeo (

If you would like to try out Whatser, start by following co-founder Michiel Verberg, or have a look at his collection

Michiel will also be attending SXSW and be presenting Whatser as part of AppCircus on 14 March from 2:00-4:00pm at Circus Mashimus Tent, located in Room #3. You can get in touch with Michiel directly by email or Twitter.