Dear earnest wingnut,

Thank you for sending me a copy of your 20-page monograph containing your brilliant new paradigm which The Physics Establishment are seeking to squelch,  Having been squashed at times by the T.P.E., I can heartily sympathize.

I am writing back to you because you don't seem as crazy or scary as most.  Also, your paper had good spelling and grammer.  Your elementary English teacher told the truth-- spelling matters.  So I read the thing.  And by 'read' I mean I fully read the first page and the conclusion, but sort of skimmed the middle.  It'll have to do.

There are a few conceptual issues that make me hesitant about writing about it for my science column at the present time.  I hope you read these comments as constructive criticism and that they assist you in further work.

In particular, references to the 'Physics Establishment' and the repeated assertion that the work is yours and is groundbreaking actually created a barrier for me in reading it.  Either present your theory, or brag.  If you're doing both, the reader will focus on the bragging and dismiss you.  If your theory is strong enough to be accurate, you don't need the brag-- the theory will stand on its own.

Going to the concepts, the initial concept you are refuting is a bit out of date.  At this point there are several new understandings.  For example, [CURRENT KNOWLEDGE] is well quantified and well understood.  Some of the work in that area might help you hone your own work further.  I use Wikipedia for this, but don't tell the physicists in T.P.E., they'll mock me (even though they use it too).

You also seem to refute yourself.  Your conclusion declares everything is related, yet earlier you emphasize that the current thought that everything is unified is wrong.  That to me seems inconsistent, and requires either a rewrite of your theory or a better explanation.

Perhaps splitting your long work into shorter topical articles might make it more accessible.  As it stands now, it covers disparate fields in a hopscotch manner.  Writing where your overlying concept is applied to each field you tackle-- particle physics, biology, Earth climate, economics, sociology, and cosmology-- as a seperate piece could make for a stronger work.

I do have a few questions.  First, how did you find my name?  I mean, you sent it to my personal email, not my NASW one.  Did you know I am a science writer, or was this luck?  Finally, do you have my address, do I have to move again?

Good luck with your future work,

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