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Chocolate: When Money Did Grow On Trees

Advent calendars with hidden chocolatey treats, huge tins of Quality Street and steaming cups of hot chocolate festooned with whipped cream and marshmallows are all much-loved wintry staples at Christmastime. But how many of us stop to think about where c ...

Article - The Conversation - Dec 24 2022 - 8:02am

Muskie: You Don't Need 10,000 Casts, You Need Science And Then 10,000 Casts

If you fish you know that catching a muskie (muskellunge), the “fish of 10,000 casts”, is like hitting a hole-in-one in golf. You will talk about it a lot. But it doesn't need 10,000 casts because that would mean having one strike is random. Instead, ...

Article - News Staff - Feb 2 2023 - 5:30pm

No Random Walk: Ants Meander Systematically

It is easy to believe ants disperse and walk randomly until they find something they want, but a new paper says they may have a more methodical approach. At least one species of rock ant, Temnothorax rugatulus, doesn’t walk randomly at all. Instead, their ...

Article - News Staff - Feb 4 2023 - 6:31am