Has anyone ever wondered what embodies our self’s essence? May be a needle in a haystack number of people think of such wonderments. However, the question is, are such thoughts just a waste of time or it has indeed some utility for human existence?

Indeed it is, as this query makes us ponder our very presence as a living being. So is there a single component, which represents our self or more than one? Currently scientists are unaware of this, however, based on metaphysics and cultural beliefs our self has quite a few parts whose function and very existence is a question mark.

According to the fore mentioned sources our essence/self is composed of the mind, soul, spirit, ‘heart’ and aura. Some people opine they are all one and the same thing, however, neuroscientists and para-scientists hold a different viewpoint and strongly believe that these segments of our existence be put under a microscope of objective scientific analysis.

This conundrum can only be unraveled by examining each of these separately. Well, spirit is defined by the dictionary as the part a person that includes their mind, feelings and character rather then their body. If these points are considered scientifically it is hard to understand how these are not part of the body/brain. It is likely that while the brain is cellular in nature the spirit part of our existence is present as molecules just like each discrete memory is stored as a protein molecule at the junction of nerve cells.

Coming to the soul, which is considered to be a metaphysical idea, neuroscientists have postulated that this a protein molecule stored somewhere in the brain. Researchers are busy at deciphering this exciting possibility. The hypothesis says that at death this protein molecule vaporises and exists as in energy form and is never destroyed. Now if the soul and spirit are compared it can be understood that they are two disparate entities.

Moving on to the ‘heart’ and the aura, we know very little of the two. The ‘heart’ is hypothesised to be an emotive organ distinct from the brain and is based on the universal cultural belief that we can think from our hearts. Coming on to the aura, this is understood to be a feeling/quality that is very noticeable and seems to surround a person. In 1939 the Russian scientist Semyon Kirlian showed that a human body is surrounded by an electric field and he later developed a photography technique to capture its image. Many people consider this electric field to be the aura.

All this comparison is very important and underlines how little we know about our very core. When these mysteries are decoded it is likely they would be of immense importance for human betterment.