The American Chemical Society's Spring 2010 National Meeting and Exposition includes numerous research findings in the field of cold fusion, also known as Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR). Here is the video of the live press conference that gives a broad introduction to the people involved and their views on this controversial part of science.

"A potential new energy source so controversial that people once regarded it as junk science is moving closer to acceptance by the mainstream scientific community. The presentations describe invention of an inexpensive new measuring device that could enable more labs to begin cold fusion research; indications that cold fusion may occur naturally in certain bacteria; progress toward a battery based on cold fusion; and a range of other topics."

As one scientist said,"I hope this is the end of the beginning for cold fusion." The subject of cold fusion is proving more subtle and complex than the initial experiments may have suggested. It is also bringing together scientists who were previously working in very different fields, with chemists, materials scientists, nuclear physicists and more.