This made me laugh, albeit in mirthless recognition of how many human follies this could be applied to.

From the inimitable xkcd.

I don't know why, but it reminded me of politics in Thailand. Today I had a choice of entertainment; 5 minutes walk to the north I could have witnessed this scene:

whereas 10 minutes walk to the south I could have been here:

I'm sure you'd agree I was spoilt for choice. Thai politics is currently colour-coded for ease of reference: there are red shirts, yellow shirts (with the occasional light blue), and there are now multicoloured shirts, and not forgetting the ever-watchful black shirts and camouflage jackets. The politicians wear ties.

Today, the red-shirt leaders announced that they would be abandoning their team colours as it makes them easy targets and, as the rainbow option has already been taken, are opting for a colourless colour! This may make flags and T-shirts difficult to manufacture, but as the above cartoon illustrates it isn't the colours that are the problem but the rigidity of the pieces.