As expected, this last round of information that corrected an error regarding the demise of the Himalayan Glaciers is now being touted as the latest evidence of the lies surrounding global warming.  Of course, the global warming "deniers" want to use this as evidence of deception, instead of acknowledging it as an error.

Instead of considering that it is the publication of such corrections which demonstrates how science works to resolve its mistakes and to validate its data, the global warming "deniers" just want to continue on their way with no more evidence than their beliefs.

In this regard, they parallel the attitudes of the "Intelligent Design" advocates, who require no evidence and perform no studies.  Simply having an agenda is considered sufficient qualification with which to attack the opposing opinions.  

However, it bears considering exactly how such "skeptics" really think.  What is telling about all of this, is the clear political orientation of the majority of these perspectives.  This invariably leads one to question how skeptical they are under administrations they support1.   It becomes clear that this isn't about skepticism, but rather politicization of issues.

Therefore the real issue is whether those that deny global warming are willing to do the scientific work necessary to disprove it, or will they simply climb on the bandwagon of the "Intelligent Design" crowd and make up their own facts.

1. One can't help but recall how "skeptical" people were regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction and Iraq's involvement in 9/11... and for all those that would complain about the comparison .... no, it is not different.