Vote for the 'best' science blog of 2007 here. Okay, I'll admit it, I don't read any of them ( and they don't read us - most successful science sites don't read each other because we're busy, you know, writing stuff ) but I see there is the usual "help we're being oppressed" tizzy because a 'global warming denier' ( read: must be a shill for Big Oil, Bush, Religion, Republicans, etc. ) is in the running. Well, votes count, and at least in science, left wing people have a lot more time to write than right-wing people so I expect this is yet another war they have declared on someone ( no one has declared war on us in a while, but I guess the traffic boost wouldn't hurt so maybe we should let a Republican write here ) to generate page views and isn't really an issue. I am baffled how all of the sites I see this kind of thing on always have something to be hysterical about.