President Biden issued another slap to those oil-guzzling Republicans intent on ruining Gaia, or he enraged environmentalists by letting oil-guzzling Republicans ruin bucolic Alaska, all in one day.

Even in the same minute.

Which was it? Neither, and that is a problem with corporate media. To get you to see an ad and get them paid they have to write a headline that is most appealing to you - and if you are someone in the middle, you quickly receive both.

In the real world, twice prior to Russia invading Ukraine, Democrats dragged executives to Capitol Hill where they could engage in populist theater on C-SPAN railing against "fossil" fuels to show their voters They Stood Up To Big Oil. The third one, scheduled for March of last year, had House Oversight Committee Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY 12th District) preemptively declare it was "their last chance to cooperate" by cutting oil production.

They quickly canceled that meeting when Russia invaded Ukraine and by June the President was demanding to know why Big Oil had cut production as they had  been told by his party a few months prior.

If you are at an oil company, this is standard stuff. While Democrats in Congress were yelling at energy company executives that they needed to cut output last year, Democrats in the administration were telling them the opposite. And no one thought it odd.  US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm told them,"I hope you will hear me say that please, take advantage of the leases that you have, hire workers, get your rig count up."

Cut to this month, where on Monday, the Biden administration approved 199 new wells on Alaska’s North Slope and then limited drilling in another part of Alaska. And canceled a road in Izembek National Wildlife Refuge in southeast Alaska being built to give an Aleut village access to an airstrip in case of medical emergencies or other disasters.

That sounds like a good thing, right?

Not to Reuters, because this road that would save lives, which the villagers wanted, was approved during the Trump administration, and neither he nor their editors realize the election was over in 2020. So we get headlines where Biden dunked on Trump and then where Biden caved into Big Oil. Neither is true, neither is accurate, and neither is part of being 'for the public good' that many modern journalists believe they are.

Energy is a strategic resource. Everyone who isn't in Congress knows that, Russia proved it by forcing Europe to cower when even an indication that they might defend Ukraine would've caused Russia to hold off. Instead, Europe knows so well it is a strategic resource they had begun approving a pipeline that bypassed Ukraine - so Russia could do whatever it wanted and Europe could ignore the issue. A President can never win, but they can do the right thing, and at least on drilling where literally no one lives he did the right thing. His only loss is 1,000 voters who now can't get medical help if someone loses an arm.