Anonymous now has more credibility than all four big US cable news channels and the big newspapers combined.  This is due to the fact that while they and their sources are …anonymous.. they manage to find verifiable information.  This claim is different.   IF this is true there are only TWO ways NASA could have found proof of extraterrestrial life.  SETI has intercepted a convincingly strong source of intelligently engineered radio from a known habitable zone Kepler planet.  Alternatively, and more probably the space probe which has detected signs of an ocean of water under the ice of the Saturnian moon Enceladus has detected definitive proof of biology in that same water.   That said, I suspect this is a false flag meant to make Anonymous look foolish.


SETI and ET.


IT is very unlikely that this is the case.  At any credible range where their might be intelligent life that we will not have heard a clear signal from by now our telescopes cannot make the spectral observations that it would take to credibly confirm the presence of a civilization.  If ET’s were close enough for us to take spectral observations of the atmosphere of an Earth like planet they would be broadcasting like we are and we would have detected them clearly by now.  On the other hand at the ranges at which their might still be a civilization, our current technology is on the cusp of being able to observe the atmosphere of a planet if the stars literally line up for us.  We need to have a line of sight that is not obstructed by too much interstellar dust, the angle that the orbital plane of that solar system would make with our line of sight has to be just right.   There are more reasons to think it is not this than there are to think it is. 

However, I am an optimist and would love to be surprised.



See the cracks on the southern hemisphere of this moon?  Those are called the “tiger stripes” and they are spewing water which has been confirmed to be salty into space.  Enceladus has a confirmed ocean of salt water.  Given this it would be rather surprising if that water was perfectly sterile.  With so much water, and so much thermal energy if all the other chemicals are present then there is an almost absolute certainty that something is living in that ocean. 

Right now a space craft not designed for doing so has been flown through the plumes of Enceladus and taken measurements.  Perhaps NASA has teased something out of the measurements?   This is what I would bet on 

False Flag ?

What is for sure is unless there is a big announcement in the near future Anonymous will loose a deal of credibility.  We cannot rule out that this is in fact a FBI/NSA/CIA/GCHQ false flag designed to make Anonymous look foolish.  With all the computing power at their disposal to crack passwords and the clandestine nature of Anonymous wouldn’t it make sense if it was not at least co-opted (if not created) by an intelligence service?  The US government created the tools that they use to stay hidden on the internet then lost control of them, Tor, and Tails.  The governments have allowed a clandestine form of currency to exist  bitcoin and Etherium which have been used to sell everything from legal items to drugs.  How much work done by the intelligence services of the world to raise funds for clandestine ops is raised by these means now?  I’ll bet it’s a lot.  I’ll bet that a NSA or GCHQ or similar are mining cryptocurrency like mad (I would).

Given the power that could come from co-opting an Anonymous groups online presence why would anyone try to destroy their all important and hard won credibility?  Who would benefit from that course of action and no other?   Perhaps revenge against some people who leaked DNC emails or who are involved in the whole WikiLeaks infrastructure? 




or a false flag operation indicating that some state level actor has hacked Anonymous and decided to destroy them rather than co-opt them. 

 It is very interesting that NASA hasn't come out to deny this as of my writing. 


NASA finally did come out and officially deny Anonymous's claim that they had found intelligent life.