Ku Kiai Mauna protestors have branched out from being concerned with the fictitious pollution of a nonexistent aquifer at the top of Mauna Kea on the big Island of Hawaii. Some who wear their brand have been making terroristic threats up to and including raising the possibility of suicide bombing. So far this is just talk.  Now they are also against a windfarm, a spaceport, and are protesting the support for Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) given by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.    Governor David Ige, and Mayor Harry Kim of Hawaii state and County respectively, need to take the necessary action to bring this situation to a lawful, peaceful, and necessary close.    TMT won their case in court, not executing the orders of the court is not an option.  Unless they are OK with every construction site becoming a never-ending protest.   Some are even making outright terrorist threats

Not Just about a telescope.

There does not need to be a long posting explaining to the world what this group is really about.  The proof is in the pudding.   They are anti science and anti-technology for all practical purposes.

People wearing the logo of Ku Kiai Mauna are against a wind farm that would provide electricity in a more sustainable way than just about anything else that can be deployed in Hawaii.  Wind power is not perfect but for an island chain wtih limited land and to which every natural resource must be shipped it is one of the better options. They call it their Maunakea and have appropriated the symbols of that movement.  (Historically there have even been protest against geothermal energy.  People blaming it for making vocanoes erupt.  Insert Picard Facepalm here.)

People using the logo of Ku Kiai Mauna are against a spaceport being built on the big island.  One which would only be used to launch small “micro satellites” taking advantage of how close Hawaii’s latitude is to the equator.  Protest against this predate the current round of Mauna Kea protest.  However they are joining in on the new bandwagon. 

People wearing the logo of Ku Kiai Mauna are targeting the foundation of Gordon and Betty  Moore  (A link to a fake Gordon and Betty Moore Facebook page), the original plan called for a protest at their actual residence.  They are targeting an organization that has donated money to the advancement of science and technology.  A foundation which is funded by one of the key people behind the semiconductor industry as we know it.  They do that then have either the lack of awareness or the lack of integrity to keep using the technology.   I guess the environmental impacts of modern technology are OK so long as they aren’t in their back yards.  

Now threatening terrorism against modern technology.

I am sure the Ku Kiai Mauna or someone who sympathizes with them will make a “no True Scotsman” argument. 

The “no True Scotsman” argument goes like this.  “No true Scotsman would ever waste money!”  Then when you point out a Scotsman who blew a fortune with nothing to show for it.  “Well that was no ‘true Scotsman’!”

The people in the stories above are Ku Kaiai Mauna.  They are as truly protectors as any Kupuna sitting at the intersection of Saddle Road and Mauna Kea access on the big island of Hawaii.   They are anti-science and will not budge anymore than creationist or anti-vaccine activist.

This has even resulted in terroristic threats and ideation.


The people making these threats are as much Ku Kiai Mauna as members of ISIS who radicalized over the internet were memebrs of ISIS. 

It is time for the broader world community to pull the sheet off it's head. 

Yes these people are indigenous.

Yes there were injustices. 

Nothing they are protesting has anything at all to do with those.  Stopping these won't build one stick of housing for anyone.

Everything they say the want leads to a new order where they go back to a time in Hawaii where they are the ones doing the oppressing.   The SPLC has told this ugly truth about Hawaii for years.  

I would suggest that thsoe spolling for a fight with the union to read the warning of General William Tecumseh Sherman and reflect on what they think they want.  The United States of America will not sit by and let a state decay into chaos much less seceed.   

For the sake of Law, for the sake of order, for the sake of the state and for the union Governor Ige do what you must.  No reasonable rational person in Hawaii or anywhere else will seriously condemn a reasonable and professional enforcement action to clear the road.    Maybe give the protestors a place nearby to say their say.   

If David Ige does not act, before this really gets out of hand, and there is a further loss of civil order then the federal government will act

  All of this started with the anti TMT protest and it must now end with the law being enforced with stregth and certitude. 

By the by Maunakea is the correct spelling when refering specifically to this mountain. Mauna Kea as two words could mean any white, talll enough to have snow on top, mountain. That is according to a pre existing Native Hawaiian website. The protesters incorrect use of their own language has lead us all astray. It is tempting to change it for SEO purposes in the title but I will not. Both spellings appear and both are considered correct by one group or the other.