Breaking News: Be his 'sexy' Santa this Xmas TNN 24 December 2009, 12:00am ISTText Size:|Topics:Man woman Christmas relationship guBefore the New Year spirit takes over, bask in the Christmas revelry with your man. Make the best of the day’s off that you have got. Give a Be his sexy Santa this Xmas (Getty Images) Twitter Facebook Share Email Print Save Comment break to the oldie goldie Santa, and turn into a sexy Santa yourself this Christmas for a really hot and steamy celebration! Early morning ‘sex’ surprise: Begin your day by surprising him! How about turning the table and you playing the initiator in an early-morning romp before turkey and trimmings stuff you two? Massage time: The early morning steamy action must have left him tired. It’s time to pamper him a little. Go ahead turn your bathroom into a spa and arrange for a sexy massage for your man. Get out those seasonal smelling lotions, candles and warm towels and let your hands do the magic on his body. You never know, he may just want to return the favour! Yummy ‘sexy’ breakfast: By the time the massage is over, the two of you will be tormented with hunger pangs. So, brace up for a yummy breakfast, prepared by the two of you together. Make sure you only have the most sensuous of food items on your plate for the day! You can also try feeding each other sensual fruits like strawberries. Gifts galore: Christmas is synonymous with surprises and gifts galore! What better way to surprise him in the afternoon by turning into a ‘hot’ gift yourself? Drive him wild by wrapping yourself in nothing but Christmas ribbons. Lace-up yourself in a sexy bra and knicker set and add the final touch with bows for him to untie later. Do you still say afternoons are boring? Text him ‘sex’: Just when he though it was all over for the day, send him a racy text message hinting what’s in store for the evening. The excitement isn't over yet! Rub of love: Keep the early evening for a refreshing bath. Rub each other with anything staring from yummy strawberry and chocolate sauces followed by a final rinse with sweet smelling bathing gels. All set for the eventful night. It’s time to party: Set the mood for a really sexy party that includes just the two of you. Titillate him by dancing around in a sensuous party dress. Bring some more fun by adding a strip tease only for him. Dinner can’t get sexier: The party is sure to leave you in some hot surprises between the sheets and of course hungry! So, instead of going out, order your favourite food at home and serve it on your body. Yes, you heard it right, blind fold your man and let him eat his food off your hot bod! Good night surprise: Christmas is incomplete without stockings! So, wrap up his eventful day by wearing proper, old-fashioned sexy, silky stockings and suspenders. Trust us, he will from now onwards only shower you with all you have been craving for in your Christmas wish list!