More than one in five women has a secret Santa Claus fantasy, according to  dating website  As you can guess by their URL, their subscribers probably were more inclined to fantasy about numerous holiday icons, so guard your turkeys at Thanksgiving.

Research by the site reveals that women find the chubby, bearded gift-giver very sexy indeed. More than 1,000 women were asked whether they fancied Santa Claus in the poll. 1 in 10 even wear a Santa costume themselves in the bedroom, though a beard and breasts probably says more about the men they are with than it does the women themselves.

"We can't decide whether it's the beard, the red suit or his obvious kind and friendly nature that makes him appealing," said Max Polyakov, head of

It could of course be that he brings a lot of presents and smiles a lot.  Or just that he brings presents.

Northern women were most attracted to jolly Santa, with almost one in three (32%) from Sheffield and one in three (31%) from Glasgow saying they found him sexy.

The survey also revealed that one in 16 (6%) men had, at one time or another, dressed up as Santa Claus in the bedroom.

Men from Cardiff were the most prolific - more than one in 10 (11%) said they had dressed as Saint Nick for their partner.   So, women, if you have a thing for Santa, get thee to Welsh.   Note that on the other 364 days of the year, he will be bald and yell at the TV during football games.

9% of women had worn a sexy Mrs Claus outfit, with an even higher one in six (17%) Liverpudlian women saying they had slipped into the red and white outfit.

The survey

12,102 female  members were surveyed through the website from 1 - 5 December 2008 and were asked 'Do you find Santa Claus fanciable or sexy?'

11,009 male and female members were also surveyed through the website from 1 - 5 December and were asked 'Have you ever dressed in a Santa Claus or Mrs Santa Claus outfit in the bedroom?'

(Total survey base: 23,111)

Regional figures Do you find Santa Claus fanciable or sexy? City/town Women who said yes: % Birmingham 17 Bradford 8 Bristol 11 Cardiff 23 Coventry 24 Edinburgh 19 Glasgow 31 Leeds 21 Leicester 23 Liverpool 29 London 12 Manchester 20 Newcastle 29 Nottingham 27 Sheffield 32 Southampton 18 Sunderland 25

Have you ever dressed in a Santa Claus or Mrs Santa Claus outfit in the bedroom? City/town Men who said yes % Women who said yes % Birmingham 10 11 Bradford 4 4 Bristol 5 7 Cardiff 11 8 Coventry 10 12 Edinburgh 3 10 Glasgow 2 6 Leeds 5 10 Leicester 2 9 Liverpool 8 17 London 9 13 Manchester 8 11 Newcastle 4 6 Nottingham 6 8 Sheffield 6 14 Southampton 7 5 Sunderland 2 6