What one wants to say what one really says and what one wants to hear and what other person really says ? With civilization covering our bodies with clothes in different parts of the world our ideas also got a covering of shyness , crookedness, wickedness depending on the level of civilization from medivel times to most modern times.

Cant we develop some machine to reach to the neurons to read what one is saying and what one is wanting to say but hiding his feeldings.

If we start reading minds of each other it will be catastrophe as most of the emotions are hidden and true feelings are seldom expressed.

The signals for having a particular feeling must be bassed in some chemicals secreted somewhere in human body and what it takes those feelings to be converted to actions or being kept hidden in civilized society or not so civilized society.

What chemicals in mind makes us to go for war or make a love story.

Bombard human minds with those chemicals as ultimately human body is all chemistry and physics and very little of it is biology so that instead spending on weapons we make love weapons to change the minds of people from hatred to love .

God was one such instrument to covey and carry such feelings .

Can science provide some other weapons of love, Make love not war .