During recent National Symposium one of the significant presentation by Professor Akhilesh Tyagi from Delhi brought out the fact that chromosomes of wheat , rice, maize, sorghum and Brachypodium which lie in the range from 7 to 12 have much in common and even details of gene expressions where reported using latest technologies. Certain set of genes become active during tassel formation while other during active growth and others during seeding. Differential gene expression is important for maintaining the balance. However we studied that chromosome number of ferns lies from 300 to 500. Moreover monocots which are highly evolved as compared to dicots have more introns the unexpressed sequences between the expressing codons which are transcribed after splicing. Apparently nature has evolved during period of time but much of the genetic systems are common and surprisingly many gene families are common in different grain species that we eat and the mankind which eats them. Only difference is man eats plants and destroys them but the plants still provide food. Both have around 40 percent genome which is similar in them.