Of all the theories of glaciers melting or not melting in 2035 the IPCC may retract its statement. I am no expert on glaciers but have you seen river Ganges beyond Hairdwar  Does it exist more than a small rivulet beyond Kanpur. How many rivers coming out of the Glaciers reach the Ocean without being converted into public drains. Have not all the water bodies including Ramsar sites dried up? The scientist go up in arms to prove that Glaciers are not melting and IPCC may retract its statement but Glaciers are certainly melting, Gangotri  area is widening into open space, rivers dont get enough water as their sources are drying up. The lakes of famous city of Udaipur and its hills are dry and barren. People are more worried about the data. You travel India by a slow train and show me dense forested area as it used to be 60 years ago ? Where our forests have vanished? Should we start saying forests are not vanishing? 11th plan reports may show increase in forest areas here and there but where are real forests?

One should understand the in depth consequences  in totality and not going to data bases and corrections. If Mr Pachauri  or any world body gives a certificate that nothing wrong is happening with the environment and we can pass remaing 50 years of our life and then leave the earth which will have no water, no forests, no flora or fauna ? You may ask me to retract my statement but will it change what is written on the walls. Wake up and save the earth not our own interests. We have only one planet to live and to give to our children.

Dont you want to handover green earth in the same manner as it was when you were borne some 50 years ago?

NEW DELHI: India's senior-most glaciologist V K Raina today said the chief of the UN climate body should apologise to the scientist fraternity for dubbing their work on melting of Himalayan glaciers as "voodoo science".

Raina's demand comes even as the UN body, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change (IPCC) headed by R K Pachauri, deliberates on retracting its statement on Himalayan glaciers melting. 

"The IPCC had dumped our report that the glaciers have not retreated abnormally. Now, with the truth out in open, the IPCC should dump its own report which was based on mere speculation," Raina told PTI.

He was reacting to the revelations that the UN panel's predictions that the Himalayan glaciers will melt by 2035 stemmed from a 1999 article in a scientific journal which relied on an estimate made by a glaciologist Syed Iqbal Hasnain and not based on a peer review.

IPCC must be answerable to all the scientists and experts associated who stand vindicated that glaciers melting is not being happening at the abnormal pace as declared by it, Raina noted.

"It only shows that IPCC has based its arguments on speculations and did not verify it before making it public," the former deputy director general of the Geological Survey of India said.

Raina, in his report, had maintained that glaciers have "not shown any remarkable retreat in the last 50 years and the reports of the glaciers demise are a bit premature."