Mans history of development is just 5000 to 10000 years old. I am not expert of history or English language. However I am attempting to present some of the impressions and you can correct me if you feel there is some mistake in my language and spelling. 

Man living on earth started in small communities which were wanderers. He started living near some natural plant formations near water bodies . He ate plants, used them for medicine and oil and shelter. Gradually he learned selection of good plants and not so good plants. He learned to sow them in fields and that is how the agriculture developed.

Charak Samhita and the oldest documented literature on diseases and their cure and Vedic scriptures are some 5000 to 8000 years old. Egyptians and Indians ( living in Asia) were pioneer in astronomy and built observatories. This is amply documented in British Natural History museum, London. They developed mathematics, philosophy, and developed power of reasoning.

This was equally developed in other parts of globe during more of less same period of time.

Where were the boundaries of nations some 5000 to 8000 years ago?

85 to 90 percent of the earth was covered with plants, forests, rivers and lakes.

Some groups were busy taking voyages and the groups who travelled most started capturing other regions and started subjugating other regions. They even called them boundaries of their empires. At some point nations with largest flotilla had almost half of the world under their command or subjugation. They said sun never sets in their empire which was true also. They were good in business management too.

Wars ensued.   Boundaries of nations were defined and redefined by might of sword and soldiers blood was not a serious matter for the ruler whose dreams to rule the world made him to wander hundreds of miles in strange territories with his army of fighters. War dresses of soldiers look very much similar some 200 to 500 years ago. They had steel amour almost everywhere in the world. Head gears. Dress of war lords weighed almost 50 kg of iron or more. How could they fight with such a heavy dress on their body?

Some time countries went for war and who so ever had better war machine was a winner. Countries fighting wars on elephants were easily defeated by nations with cannons. Groups that developed “Guns” and “Cannons” were able to kill more people at a faster rate and capture more areas while people with “bow and arrow” sooner or later succumbed to people with better war machines.

Greeks , Romans, Vasco de Gamma, Columbus ventured in unknown territories.

General public was not involved in wars as making war and peace was the function of Kings and Queens which were considered some kind of supernatural powers.

King of Jaipur had to sleep on a bed with full armor with legs down as he might be attacked any time just 200 years ago. Wars with small chieftains were very common. Revolts, counter revolts were order of the day. Rulers also fell in love and their stories of love (real or imaginary ) are remembered more passionately.

Some time when rulers were busy making love, they were attacked and captured by enemy forces. Love has changed history of mankind for good or bad. It was common to make wars to obtain his “loved one” or the “women of his fascination for a ruler” at least in this part of the globe . General public had no role to play.

Rulers became busy with earthly pleasures. Some say the excess of medicines they took to get earthly pleasure and increase their potency contained lot of arsenic which led to their decline.

The first feelings nations or their rulers had towards each other were feelings of hatred and war globally almost 200 years ago. It was almost a war like situation within a span of 50 years even after two world wars which saw mass destruction of human civilizations.

Man saw two world wars in one century. 

Now the scenario is changing.

Now certain countries are in "love " with each other in colder regions. Does cold climate promote love? Do we need a global coolers or air conditioners to make world cool.

Cool down :when will the world cool down?

If the ship is sinking and people are fighting with each other will it help save the ship.

Earth is the only habitat where man can live.

Plants are still its only rescue for supply of air water food and shelter.

Nothing has changed in last 5000 years except man has become more ferocious in attacking each other without love and sympathy in some parts of the globe while it has learned to love and make peace in other parts of the globe.

How this change has taken place?

Man has learned to live by hunting wild animals so its in his nature to hunt. Some have turned vegetarian and some have turned to peace and salvation.

They live longer.

Japan has longest life span.

People of richest countries of the world live in “villages”. They don’t live in multistory flats they live around mega cities in small village clusters surrounded by fresh air. Air with sufficient oxygen. Air conditioners of multistory flats and offices don’t provide oxygen. They circulate the same air again and again (I am not expert of air-conditioning) Plants in nature do provide oxygen.

Man has a limited life of 100 years only . That is the final limit (exceptions apart) . There is not enough time to make " love" . Even if he can enjoy first 50 years living in life of pleasures supported by oxytocin and testosterone and dopamine promoted love, man has to live and make love for the remaining 50 years. He has to learn to make peace and not war with himself first and rest of world later.

Man does not love himself of herself anymore in some parts of the world. He or she seeks love from someone else? Approval of opposite sex is needed for him to feel self confident in life and loss of someone causes loss of self confidence? Someone else is seeking love from someone else? A is loving B but B is loving C and suddenly D will come and change of boxes will take place.

It can happen in families. They call it love and marriage and divorce.. Reproduction is still taken care of.

Is it true and if so why does this happen? What makes one attached or detached to someone. Earthly pleasures or the way to derive them?

How will nations learn love each other.

Someone said we don’t have friends or foes but we have national interests.

Fighting is basic nature of man. Can it be changed to "love ". Everyone gives his own reasons to fight. If nations don’t match each other ideas and ideologies this does not give them right to fight.

What could be methods and reasons for inducing two nations to love each other and not fight.

If man will stop fighting and start saving the mother earth which is sinking each day with each species lost means one more chance of survival of man is gone in longer terms. If all the plant species are gone man cannot live on this earth.

Is there any magic formulae to create love among nations. How it has happened suddenly in a span of 30 years that nations make unions in some part of the globe.

How can the man’s attitude be changed to make love not war.

Make love not war.