Since the man came to present form the countries originated around the globe and within a span of 50 years the number of member of United Nations has increased in several dozens in a span of 40 years only. Boundaries of societies have become boundaries of nations but nations have almost dissolved their boundaries to progress faster and made unions while some nations are fighting for boundary dispuptes as some are trying all means to grab whatever they can. Human being are suffering in some regions because of political conflicts though they have nothing to fight at individual level but their nations do , Nature has environments and not boundaries. Love nature and you will love humanity. Languages, from apes to human beings have evolved as means of communication of fear from wild animals,or joy or sorry or communication i.e. asking for water, pa is most common word a child will speak or someone will say ma but pani is for water in hindi and nein is for no in German, na for no is in hindi, many words overlap so do our cultures. Evolution of human societies was accelerated in west due to age of renaissance or industrialization while some societies remained agrarian societies. Religion developed to help people feel associated with someone. Mira was devoted to Krishna. People are trying to explain many things on chemical reactions, although life if not biochemistry and biophysics and biotechnology can not create human life as of today. Biotechnologhy though can help understand some processes and help develop others to utilize earth resources or cure disease. Basically dopamine, oxytocin, testesterone and hormones make humans to fall in love and if one is falling in love with some supernatural powers (God or whatever power one assumes) its all the more safe and acceptable. So many people become devotees but some become devotees of devotees who themselves assume powers of supernatural power and sometime they try to demonstrate that by doing miracles or making you believe miracles are happening. Following of such people is increasing with management gurus teaching them how to attract crowd, keep them sitting and spill their money in hope of getting some kind of salvation or moksh or getting all the luck coming to their side or their all the diseases getting cured by listening to holy man. Large gathering do converge in all places and all religions . Miracles do happen. This could have happened or still can happen if one has firm belief but you need eye of faith to have such a belief. The book secret being sold in some advanced countries of the world propounds this theory that if you trust in good things happening good things will happen. Just give it a try. How naive is creation of human mind to all the suggestions of love, hate, friendship, enmity, and how easily minds are swayed in favor or against in period of time and place and it becomes to easy to destabilize the situations globally for some period of time . Like water life also finds its level after some time. So does the global earth. In a picture hall you watch a movie 100 times each day with different audiences each time the entire hall will clap or weep ( I am not sure for this as I can not hear this) or laugh or sometime this expression will be regulated by the nation you are watching a movie or the class of cinema you are sitting in. Cinema industry sometimes gets the crux of it for some time but that sometime goes very fast and human behavior changes. If some one could also study why people fear, or hate or be angry or be happy in the same set of situations globally it would lead to world peace. The message of Mahatma Gandhi was heard all over the followed by some and is still read in text books but situation has changed in some places. The lessons of Honesty is the best policy boards which were to be seen in some nations just after independence have disappeared . People feel if their children will know meaning of honesty , devotion, national feeling how will they be able to do hoarding and black marketing and amass huge wealth by corruption. Children may ask dad so dads are leading their children to same profession in many countries. But good people are everywhere and they are running the nations in perfect manner in some parts of globe but other parts of globe are not impressed with message of service to society or honesty is the best policy. Dictionaries are no longer on the table of those who should keep them , words are not mentioned, quotable quotes in newspapers are far and few but future forecasts are always there. Human psychology reading is most interesting All forecasts if you read carefully will say luck is smiling on you but beware of friends. Luck and friends everybody has and people are unsure of both how long they will stay with you. or today some big news is going to come but be careful on the family front . Everybody expects some kind of news and everybody cares for family if one believes in one and so on and so forth . Read the social behavior yourself and you can become an astrologer, or artist or a politician. Politics is the last resort of ,,,,,,,( I can’t repeat these words but perhaps it was) scoundrels . Such phrases are forgotten easily or they were not correctly written or they have lost their meaning sometime somewhere and are not true at some places politics is really a service to the nation to the poor and downtrodden who vote politicians to power. With more power they need more security to be more secure or perhaps immunity from common day diseases or insulations from the capsules of various kinds which talk about goodness and godliness. However meanings again change if one loses elections Time will tell. World is one society and mother earth is our home Love nature and you will feel happy. Go and feel the difference. However earth has over 2 million species and man is one of them . Man is part of the earth and not owner of the earth. The greed for energy is causing imbalances. If each one will save one unit of energy by consuming some watts less we are almost 8 billion people and world will get 8 billion units each day which we dont generate but save. Dont exploit mother earth to the hilt or read what is going to happen. Set aside lands have their own benefits in terms of regulation of pests and diseases as fallow land will prevent rapid spread of diseases in case they appear and it also improves soil health to have crop rotation. The use of set aside lands for raising rapeseed mustard or raising it as biodiesel crop may appear to be attractive proposition to European Union. Use of Maize and Soybean could be an option in USA. Palm oil a high value edible oil for biodiesel in Indonesia . Ethanol from corn in Brazil was attractive for long time. Now search of organisms having capacity to break cellulose and undertake fermentation in one step using biotechnology is order of the day. An important issue to consider is that earth and soil and water are all limited and our requirements for fossil fuel and bio-fuel are unlimited. Can our land use pattern sustain the excessive tillage? Do we have enough fresh water for raising energy crops? Have not the civilizations on the earth banished (Mohanjodaro and Harappa for example ) due to uncontrolled agriculture or water management problems. I am not suggesting that we go to bullock cart age but local plants which have enough potential for bio-fuel could be an answer. Selection and ability to grow such plants in local area and production of sufficient biomass could be a better solution than using edible oils as fuel or replacing sugar production with fuel production. Time will tell what was right and what was wrong but that will happen after 50 years and who will be there to test the hypothesis in positive or negative manner. If plants will survive human race will survive.