Man is part of global earth and like other animals inhabiting the earth as part of the ecosystem. Man made mud houses, brick houses and now multistory flats . 800 flats in a complex with some one ha of lawn. Cooling by air-conditioning.Air conditioner cant provide fresh air only plants and nature can. Water from tanks, Walking by cars . No peace of mind. Always running running. Money money money. What is happening to health of man and environment. Living in sustainable way is a thing of past. Consumer society is using all the resources on the earth . Man has made tremendous advancement in one field only: that is how to kill masses in millions by atomic weapons. Atomic weapons stored on the earth are so much powerful that they can destroy the earth several times. Nature is a thing of past. Going to parks, eating fruits and vegetables and salad is completely forgotten at least you young generation who have just time for a fast food. Families are gone. People have no time for their loved ones. Its all money money money. No money no honey. My indication is towards nuclear fuel , nuclear reactors, peaceful use of energy for electricity production has been accepted as order ofthe day as natural resources of plants , forests , renewable energy sources need long term planning and patient implementation. Nuclear reactors are faster. There can be no comparison in terms of money and time. However one has to decide whether we want our next generation to sit on the waste of nuclear reactors, eat GM foods, drink polluted water, breathe contaminated air and die with several diseases which are result of heavy metal poisoning from dyes and pollution of ground water. Today industry and handmade textile industry paper industry , dying and printing industry are all busy making money and throwing their waste in river systems. Departments of environments are busy issuing licenses and certificates and pollution levels are increasing day by day. Carbon levels in atmosphere have increased many fold and there will be limit for survival of human races. There is no love for plants . Time is running out. There can be many ifs and buts but on thing is certain only plants have to power to purify the nature, produce clean and green energy, its time we go back to plants and green fuel again . Only one percent of the solar energy falling on earth each year is converted by plants into chemical energy and it is three times the annual need of the earth. I see big airports consuming millions of watts of energy for their cooling systems, empty flights guzzling and producing carbon foot prints, cars making pollutions as the public transport system has almost broken down in mega cities in this part of the globe. Forests are vanishing . On record now forests are less than 10 percent of the land area of in some places it is even less than 1 percent. With ground water level falling and soil having humus contents less than 0.02 percent the hope of regeneration of forests are nearly nil. Biodiversity is vanishing . If tigers are vanishing lots of people care about them but if forests are vanishing where tigers will live ? Save forests to save tigers. ? Only you can do it at your level. Media, politicians, environmentalist and NGOs have their own problems to solve and green house gas mitigation is a global prolem which has to be solved at local level.