In America we have the right to protest, so when Kaepernick started his protest by refusing to honor the flag and the national anthem during NFL pre-game ceremonies a lot of people thought it was wrong, and a lot of people thought it was right. That’s America for you. And no matter what anybody thought, nobody disagreed about the fact that it was his right to protest like that – it is part of what it means to be American. It’s about free speech and our inalienable rights as American citizens.

Somehow, in my mind, all of that changed through a series of interlocking events. Of course, I still agree Kaepernick has the right to protest – I just think he is publicly turning himself into a horse’s ass, and that has nothing to do with his right to protest. It has everything to do with his duty not to abuse himself in front of all of us, making a perfect ass out of himself, and that is the point I am trying to make. Protest all you want, Fidel Kaepernick, but when you make a huge ass out of yourself in the process, then you diminish yourself and you make all of us feel like telling you to please STFU.

What did he do that got stuck in my craw? It was the way he talked about Fidel Castro last week, and defended Castro for his accomplishments in educational system. Thank God, Castro is dead now. And now it seems as though Kaepernick has elevated himself to a higher level of what he has been all along. I will always think of him as Fidel Kaepernick, from now, and the reason is because he overstepped the purity of exercising his right to free speech, and he performed an exercise in the free expression of vapid and pointless stupidity – and now he just looks stupid. So, now Castro is dead, and Kaepernick was in Miami for a game yesterday, looking like a fool. Somehow, all of the sudden, Fidel Kaepernick looked out of place in the USA. 

The reason is because Miami thinks Kaepernick is clueless. Miami, after all, is not full of evil white men like me, Miami is full of Cubans who fled Castro.

There are millions of people in South Florida who either fled with their families, or were born here of families that fled Castro. It must be strange to have come here as a little kid, and to have grown up here. How do you think those people feel about Castro? Who fled Castro? Was it the people who did not want to participate in his world-class educational system? No, it was the most educated people, the intellectuals and the business owners, who suddenly became the enemies of Castro’s Cuba. To this day, in private moments, they will stand on the beach in Florida with the water lapping at their ankles, and look toward the island of Cuba, and they cry. It’s true. Most of them were forced to flee and risk life and limb on their way to America in some kind of a boat. And these people think Fidel Kaepernick missed the boat.

The problem with Fidel Kaepernick’s voice of protest is that it is not his own voice, it is the voice of his wife who is an advocate for Black Lives Matter, and he is just parroting what they have crammed into his head. This must be true because errant, quixotic, unthinking, radical, revolutionaries do not make it into the ranks of the NFL, or the NBA, or the MBA. These athletes are like the special forces of the world of sports. They are good, hard-working, incredibly disciplined people. So, what ticked off Fidel Kaepernick and turned him into a white-man-hating, Fidel-Castro-praising fool?

 It was a woman – a beautiful woman. As a man, I can’t hold that against him, but I do wish he would just stop with the fake, forced, grandstanding in the name of his right to protest because this is not about human rights anymore. Who does he think he is telling us who is just and who is not? The day he defines justice for me is the day I die because he has no intellect, no strategy, no plan, and no real protest at all. He's just showboating.

What have you done for America lately Fidel Kaepernick?

News flash: Fidel Kaepernick is just grandstanding to show off for his wife. See what a bad boy am I?

When he participated in a press conference last week he made a fool out of himself when confronted by a Cuban reporter whose family had fled Castro. These people were refugees who left in droves because they had everything they owned stolen from them and they were threatened with their lives. That was the strategy of Castro. He just got rid of the top half of the social structure and appropriated all their wealth. Of course, it was a big brain drain on the country and it took them decades to even pretend they had recovered. Cuba has some interesting claims to fame. They do have credits including their education system and their green energy accomplishments. But these things were accomplished almost in spite of Castro. Just because something actually works does not mean the whole society is cutting edge. Castro was a thug, plain and simple. He was a mafioso thug, who got rid of his enemies – anybody who could think or who owned property - and he took over and ruled over whoever was left like a punk dictator. What was left was essentially a country of kids. To this day there are more young people in Cuba than middle aged or elderly. They can brag about whatever they want, but I think life has been cheap in Cuba for a long time, and I would never trade one tiny part of my life in America for a Cuban existence. 

So, when Kaepernick felt as though he had to speak up on behalf of Castro it just ended up being the last straw, the one that broke the camel’s back. It was the camel’s back of standing up for some idiot’s right to exercise their right to free speech. But, even that will get worn out with enough abuse, and leave it to Kaepernick to seal his fate, not as a revolutionary with a cause, but as a rebel without a clue. I hope he and his wife have an ungrateful kid just like he is, because that would surely be justice, and punishment enough for any fool.

~ End Part 1 - Part 2 Thursday~