In the first installment of this two-part post, I mentioned that from my perspective I had understood Kaepernick had a right to protest as an American, but all of that sentiment had changed through a series of interlocking events. Here is what I mean by the interlocking events. There is curious coming together of a few topics from current events that is taking place now. We have Kaepernick and his season-long protest, and the way it is tied to Black Lives Matter because his beautiful wife is an advocate and he is actually doing all of this to show off for her. Then you have the death of Fidel Castro: the biggest loser in the western hemisphere over the last 150 years of history - bar none. And then we have the inclusion of Castro in the protest of Kaepernick. It happened at the beginning when he wore a pic of Castro on his shirt and last week when he was challenged to defend his Castro loving tendencies as he approached a game in Miami.

 The thing is, Miami is full of Castro refugees. And then there is Donald Trump, and he figures into all of this because he announced that Castro was a loser and he was going to disrupt or revoke Obama’s “deal” with Cuba because they are a fascist dictator state and do not deserve our adulation. So, now as Kaepernick is praising Castro, and Castro is officially dead, we have Trump speaking out boldly about who Castro was and what Castro was, and decrying Obama and others for giving Castro a respectful eulogy in the press. But, there is even more to this.

 It all interlocks in the campaign for the presidency and the way Trump won. Trump had announced in the fall, in Florida, to all those Cubans, that he thought Castro was a loser and the “deal” Obama had struck with the Castro brothers was an embarrassment to everything we believe in. And you know what happened? The Cubans became passionate Republicans, and they voted for Trump because Trump got them.

 So, now the question becomes: Why was Trump able to get the Cubans in Miami and get the Cuban vote in the process? Why was the Democrat party unable to win over the Cuban vote?

 Well the obvious answer is that Obama had wooed and won over the Cuban Castro connection to make that one-sided “deal” that was basically like the deal he made with Iran in every meaningful way. In so doing, Obama had alienated the affections of the Cubans. But, since when was Obama aware of having slighted anyone that he cared about? Obama is more worried about Islamophobia in the US than extremist Islamic terrorism, remember?

 Meanwhile, Trump knows people and he has lived in Florida a long time. Trump knows people, and he knows the Cuban people. So, he took their side in the most natural way on the Castro issue, but here is why that is so amazing. The entire campaign we heard the Democrat party continually segment the vote into the woman vote, the Black vote and the Hispanic vote. And that is all they talked about in the media over and over. The press was fixated obsessively over the woman vote and the Black vote and the Hispanic vote. It did not matter what the news was about, or what had happened, they would always turn everything around to an issue about the woman vote, and the Black vote, and the Hispanic vote. 

But, that is part of the reason they lost. What they really meant was, since we want to screw the white man, we have to court women, Black people and Hispanic people because technically, all the white women, all the Black people, and all the Hispanic people in the US outnumber all the white men. So, they assumed that when everybody gets it, they would all coalesce. The Democrats would win, and the white man would be the loser.

 That is why they could only talk about and only see the woman vote, the Black vote, and the Hispanic vote. I bet you are already getting sick and tired of me saying it so many times in this blog post. So, here is the real deal. That is all a bunch of ^%$^$% and Trump knew it, and everybody that voted for him knew it.

 Did you ever hear anybody say that Hillary had a problem with the man vote? Did anybody ask Hillary what she was going to say to men to garner the man vote? It is funny to even say it because it was the last thing that occurred to anybody. The liberal press could not care less about the man vote because it was really the white man vote, and the whole point of the hallowed Democrat post-America mission was to screw the white man once and for all.

 But, there are not a lot of white women who are actually anxious to turn on their white husbands and fathers for all kinds of globalist, political reasons. So, courting the woman vote is just not going to work. You cannot separate woman out from men and talk about “their vote” as if they will all vote in one monolithic sentiment. It all falls apart fast if you have any common sense. But, it gets worse from here for the Democrat party.

 It was perhaps an even bigger mistake to think that all Black people comprise one voting block, and that they all think alike and they would vote Democrat like they knew they were supposed to. It is actually a racist sentiment to think that all Black people think the same way and to assume they would all vote the same way. It is a racist sentiment to think that all Hispanic people will think and vote the same way. It is also a gender-biased statement to talk about the woman vote and think that women cannot think for themselves beyond their gender. But, it keeps getting even worse.

 Sure, there are a lot of women and a lot of Black people and a lot of Hispanic people who voted Democrat for a lot of reasons – and I am sure not all of them hate the white man. But, perhaps the most naïve decision of all was to talk about the Hispanic vote.

 The only kind of person who would assume there is one Hispanic vote because they all think alike and they would all vote against the white man, is a person who is not Hispanic. Only a foolish and naïve, non-Hispanic person would think that for one tiny second. The real truth is that there is not now and never will be one, monolithic, unified thing called the Hispanic vote in the US. Never gonna happen, folks.

 Think about it for a second, and trust me on this if you have no idea or no ties with Hispanic cultures. When Trump announced his candidacy and when the whole thing about immigration and the wall came up; when there was this huge push-back against Trump’s feeling about Mexican people who were coming over the border as illegal migrants, especially the ones who were committing atrocious crimes – do you think anybody in Florida cared? Really? Do you think a bunch of Cubans and Puerto Ricans in Florida really care one iota about a bunch of Mexicans stumbling over the border in California to beg, borrow, steal, deal drugs, do drugs, and kill people? Really? Do you really think a bunch of Cubans and Puerto Ricans in Florida care about the plight of those poor Mexicans who just want a chance to be illegal so they can try to make it in this country? Why would they? The Cubans and Puerto Ricans in Florida think the criminals stumbling over the border from Mexico into California are losers. They do not identify with those people in any way, shape, or form.

News flash: to the Cubans and Puerto Ricans in Florida, being identified with illegal Mexicans stumbling over the border in the middle of the night is an insult of the highest degree.

Clue: when you come from a different country, a different culture, a different identity, and you have to risk your life in a boat, and hope you do not drown in the process of getting here from across the shark-infested waters, you have little sympathy for someone who only had to step across the border to arrive and have their big chance.

 Everything Trump said about Mexico, Mexicans, the wall, all of it – had absolutely nothing to do with Cubans or Puerto Ricans in Florida. They are different people, from different cultures. They consider themselves to be different and they absolutely never have identified as a united political front with Mexican people. So, none of Trump’s rhetoric had a certain influence on any Hispanic people who were not from Mexico. Furthermore, a lot of Mexican people living here legally and working their asses off have no sympathy for the Mexicans who insist on posing a border problem.

 When Trump went to Florida and announced to the Cubans that he was against the Obama deal with Cuba, the Cubans loved him for it, but that had no effect on the Puerto Ricans. See how that works? Amazingly, it is as if they are all like individual people who can think for themselves, these crafty Hispanics. The Puerto Ricans could not care less about the Cubans. They are different people from a different country. But, Trump only needed an avalanche from the Cubans to win in Florida. He got it – he stole it right out from under the Democrat party’s inclusive, three-foot-long, Pinocchio nose, and they did not even see it coming.

 The truth is that Trump knows how to respect people. You take race off the table, you take gender off the table, and you talk about making money. You take everything off of the table and you talk about someone’s right to earn money. That is the language that everybody understands. In the end, it is the right to make money, and lots of it, that people care about most. If you don’t believe me, just ask Trump, ask the people who voted for him, or ask Fidel Kaepernick, the millionaire pro football player with a beautiful new wife who just hates living in America but they will suffer through it somehow, or ask the Castro brothers. It’s all about respect and the right to make money … and lots of it. People do not care nearly as much about Black, White or Brown as much as they care about the almighty Green.

So, next time Fidel Kaepernick condescends to preach to us about what it means to be a good person, or somebody starts telling you it’s about the woman vote, or the Black vote, or the Hispanic vote, you can tell them that I said they need to quit being racist and gender-biased, and they need to decide if they are going to love America or move to Cuba, or Canada, good riddance …


~The End~