Based on a suggestion by Beth and a rapid implementation by Eloise, the terrain of Drexel Island on Second Life is now shaped like the Drexel dragon mascot. That makes it pretty convenient to specify where things are located. I started with the dragon's head to create a little section for the chemistry department, showing a picture of our building and adding some info as a note attached to the image. Clicking on the image opens a browser window to the department website. This is also where I put the obelisks that my students in my organic chemistry class CHEM241 can use for quizzing. Because the shape of the island requires a lot of water surrounding the dragon shape, we are making full use of 3D space to position the content. Some of the obelisks are floating in air above the water. It is easy to fly up and down in Second Life using the PgUp and PgDn keys. I think this open design is much better so we removed the existing building on the island. Come take a look! (slurl)