Science 2.0 is making the cartoon circuit! One of my recent pieces on the brain, computers, and the vagueness of language (Why Meanings Must Be Fuzzy) motivated this comic strip at Calamities of Nature:

The Halting Problem

Calamities is the brain child of Tony Piro, and I have been reading his smart, short, nerdy, good-looking, science-ish, and – most importantly – funny comics for nearly a year, after stumbling into his site. Science 2.0 readers and writers are naturals for Calamities, because we’re not only nerds, but don’t take ourselves too seriously. 


On a related note, I haven’t followed comics since the The Far Side days of the 1980s. With my young kids I recently began re-reading them, and I was shocked to find that I no longer found them funny at all, much less side-splittingly hilarious. Humor is, I realize, a moving target, but am I alone in the comic death of The Far Side?