The Old, The New And The Uncharged

I often read in the news about the new and exciting things that will be discovered if we invest...

An Online Database Of Nuclear Electromagnetic Moments

If you are into Nuclear Physics there is very good chance you know about nuclear electromagnetic...

New Names For (Relatively) New Elements: Flerovium And Livermorium

Georgy Nikolaevich Flerov (1913-1990) is the father of the superheavy element production in...

The dineutron has finally landed

In a recent PRL article Artemis Spyrou and collaborators have reported on the first observation...

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Born in Greece some time ago, I liked smashing things so Nuclear Physics seemed a nice field to pursue a professional career in. I am currently a Professor at the Univ. of Athens where I try to help... Read More »

I have been invited to give a 30 minute presentation to high-school kids next week about Free Fall. The physics teacher who is organizing this event also has some nice plans to include a theatrical play, a couple presentations on Galileo's story by the students and an introductory talk by one of his colleague on the same matter.

The request to my side was to prepare something to expand the horizons of students related to the entirely different perspectives on bodies motion in the gravitational field by Aristotle and Galileo.
Moment Zero

Moment Zero

Apr 18 2012 | comment(s)

This is my first article in here. I found Science 2.0 all by accident, looking for articles to update my journal focused on Nuclear Physics (in case you are interested here it is).

My first and biggest question was the name of this blog hosted in Science 2.0. What should it be? I picked Moment Zero for a dual reason: first, this is my moment zero in the site and hope it will expand in time (entropy rules!) and, second, being an experimentalist dealing with nuclear EM moments, I thought that a moment of zero value would be a good starting point to look for nice phenomena. This time the phenomenon is just this blog and my desire to see how it will evolve in time.