Your cay may soon have a new dashboard, one made of a flexible plastic and oxide layer that could be integrated into the car front window to give the driver direct information

The MULTIFLEXIOXIDES project is designed to develop new cost-efficient, long lasting, light, flexible and transparent devices (can anything be all of those?  Only in academia) which can display information directly on the windshield. This is possible using small glass pads with a transparent substrate of nano-sized flexible oxides, which act as a basis for organic LEDs (light-emitting diodes).

The aim of the scientists is to integrate the new developed chip LED displays on the windscreen of a car. The new lights have a higher luminance compared to traditional bulbs and they also last up to ten times longer and cost less. With this innovative technology it will be possible to display the information of the dashboard directly onto the windscreen.

The transparent lights will not only revolutionize the design of windscreens and dashboards of the cars, they will also improve the safety on the road. That will be only possible because of the flexibility of the used material and its transparency.