XBiotech, a company involved in commercializing biological therapies, has published the results from its Phase I/II oncology study conducted at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

The study describes the outcome in 52 advanced cancer patients treated with their Xilonix™ non-cytotoxic, anti-tumor therapy. The so-called true human antibody therapy was reported to have an excellent safety profile and the report describes comprehensive measures of patient performance during therapy with Xilonix.

It was reported that overall, patients constitutional symptoms improved, including reduction in pain and fatigue. A highlight of the report was the finding that almost two-thirds of patients assessed with a new form of X-ray imaging demonstrated physical recovery of lean body mass (which is another way of referring to muscle mass) but moreover, that these same patients had dramatic improvement in overall survival. 

The Company's lead product candidate, in Phase III clinical studies, is a novel, breakthrough treatment for advanced colorectal cancer 

In an accompanying commentary, Dr. Charles Dinarello wrote, "The study is a unique contribution because it opens entire new areas in cancer therapeutics. The study also provides a rationale for early use of anti-cytokine therapy in cancer and sets the stage for use of anti-cytokine treatment in combination with kinase inhibitors and antiimmunosuppressive treatments."

John Simard, XBiotech Chairman&CEO added, "We are certainly happy to see these very important findings recognized in the world's premier cancer journal. I hope the wider dissemination of this scientific and clinical milestone helps drive the development of Xilonix therapy as well as others that work to control cancer using less toxic approaches."

Published in Lancet Oncology.