The nomination process for Raytheon's 2008 Math Hero Awards has now opened. These annual awards reward and celebrate teachers and tutors for promoting math achievement to students in a fun and challenging learning environment.

The MathMovesU program grants $1 million annually to students, teachers and schools in scholarships, grants and awards. Based on a nomination process, math teachers and volunteers who work with students are eligible to receive a $2,500 Math Hero award, and their schools or an approved math-related nonprofit organization of their choice receive a $2,500 matching grant.

Math Heroes demonstrate an enthusiastic and creative approach to math, often using new and innovative ideas in working with their students. Parents, students or other teachers are now invited to nominate their Math Hero for 2008. Submissions are due by July 15 and winners will be announced on November 15.

Raytheon created MathMovesU to encourage students to realize their math potential and reinforce their math skills through an interactive Web site, events and scholarships. educates and entertains through games and activities that showcase the math behind students' favorite pastimes.

The site engages kids on their own terms, encourages them to invite their friends, interact with on-line characters, and compete in contests centered on music, fashion and sports. Since the program's inception in November, 2005, MathMovesU has awarded more than $2 million in grants and scholarships to students, teachers and schools.

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