Dr. Klaus Buhler, President of the German IVF Register, has reported the one-millionth treatment cycle in reproductive medicine recorded by the IVF Register in Germany this year. Presently, ninety per cent of all centers for in-vitro fertilization (IVF) in Germany collect data from reproductive treatments using RecDate Advance by Merck Serono - a database system developed by the IT consulting firm CRITEX, and marketed under the name MedITEX IVF.

The system will contribute significantly to the efforts of the German IVF Register, which is striving to collect, standardize, evaluate and map all data on infertility treatments in electronic form. Given the growing number of diagnostic and therapeutic treatments available, the software ensures reproductive treatment quality, thus increases the confidence of childless couples undergoing in-vitro fertilization. 

 "The software records all relevant data for the practice or clinic, including medical history, diagnoses, therapies and laboratory data, and also documents the efficacy, safety and quality of German reproductive medicine. As a result, the system enables physicians to provide the right kind of advice and treatment for IVF couples, optimizes processes in day-to-day operations, and ensures the quality of public information work," says CRITEX CEO, Michael Schindler. 

 The system serves as an electronic patient file, improves data management workflows and allows for statistical analyses. Achieved rates of pregnancy per patient, cycle, punction or per embryo transfer can, for example, be statistically determined, and quality of success can be verified. Furthermore, the software acts as a practice management program that provides data for everyday use in medical reports or contracts at the touch of a button. The software is available in many languages and can therefore be utilized internationally.