ZURICH, July 16 -- Albis Technologies, the leading provider of circuit emulation
solutions, has been awarded the MEF-18 certification for Circuit Emulation
Services over Ethernet.

Albis Technologies’ comprehensive Universal Line Access Family (ULAF+)
has passed the conformance test procedures of the MEF-approved Circuit Emulation
Services over Ethernet (CESoETH) certification program.

In the tests, Albis’ MCU-CES complied with strict G.823/G.824 jitter and
wander requirements by demonstrating a consistent resilience to packet network
impairments, including packet delay variation, end-to-end latency, packet loss,
and out-of-sequence packets on operator networks. The solution also showed a
very high level of clock recovery accuracy and stability, with either an
integrated TCXO or an optional external reference clock.

Albis’ circuit emulation services enable high-performance transport of
synchronous and plesiochronous TDM-based services over a broad range of
packet-switched networks types, including carrier Ethernet, IP, or MPLS. The
technology supports nx64 Kbps (X.21, V.35, V.36) and unstructured, structured,
or fractional E1.

The advantage of the new MCU-CES is that operators only need to upgrade the
equipment to a single card in the central office, says Vitus Leimbacher, BD of
Albis Technologies. This allows a faster migration at lower costs, while
building the platform to provide new carrier Ethernet services like E-LAN,
E-TREE and E-Line.

The MEF-18 CESoETH certification program is a significant milestone in the use
of packet-based networks. It not only promises to transform the wireless
backhaul market, but also demonstrates a clear migration path from legacy TDM
infrastructure to more versatile and cost-effective carrier Ethernet networks.
The evaluation procedures carried out in the MEF-approved Iometrix test lab
perform hundreds of dedicated tests to solve packet delay variation, packet loss
and other network impairments.

The CES market is rapidly growing, with Telcos constantly looking for ways to
converge voice and data networks over packet infrastructure, while maintaining
key, high-margin TDM services, says Patrik Schönenberger, VP of Albis
Technologies. The MEF-18 certification is a crucial requirement in CES
technology and is certain to generate even greater stability, reliability, and
market momentum. The MEF-18 program consists of highly demanding requirements.
We are extremely honored to have achieved this certification.


Image material is available at http://www.albistechnologies.com/pressinfo.

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Press Contact: Albis Technologies AG, Peter Lietha, Corporate Communications,
Albisriederstrasse 199, CH-8047 Zurich, Phone +41-58-252-47-77, Fax
+41-58-252-47-78, info@albistechnologies.com