MENLO PARK, California, July 16 --

Today, Apieron, Inc. ( reported that it filed a patent
infringement complaint against Aerocrine AB, Solna, Sweden, Aerocrine AG, Bad
Homburg, Germany and Mr. Magnus Pelles, Usingen, Germany in the Regional Court
of Mannheim, Germany. Apieron, makers of the Insight(TM) eNO System for
measurement of exhaled nitric oxide, presented this complaint against Aerocrine
on the grounds that they are offering and putting on the market portable and
stationary analyzers to detect the nitric oxide content in breath, which Apieron
considers to be infringing the German part of its European Patent EP 0 892 926.

About Apieron, Inc.

Apieron, Inc. is a private venture-backed medical device company dedicated to
developing innovative solutions to improve the standard of care for people with
asthma. Its Insight(TM) eNO System measures exhaled nitric oxide (eNO) which is
a well established indicator of airway inflammation for asthma management.
Utilizing a proprietary biosensor, Apieron’s Insight eNO System can detect
trace amounts of nitric oxide in a patient’s breath. It is highly
accurate, non-invasive, safe, easy to use, and provides results in less than a

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SOURCE: Apieron, Inc.

Steve DiMattia, +1-646-201-5445, for Apieron, Inc.