ALTRINCHAM, England, April 3 /PRNewswire/ -- 3J Finance Ltd today announced a national roll out of Aquarium Software's business process and claims management software solution in support of their finance and credit control business. This follows a successful twelve month pilot providing financial support services for two regions of the Student Support Centre (SSC). SSC is the largest supplier of home-based learning materials for children in the UK, specialising in tuition in maths and English. Many of SSC's clients pay for their courses through different payment plans, the administration of which formed the core of the pilot undertaken by 3J and Aquarium.

The remit covered: client sign up, direct debit registration, payment collection and where necessary, debt recovery. Using Aquarium's innovative web-based business process automation tools, 3J Finance were able to manage the collection of payments from subscribers on behalf of the SSC more efficiently than ever before. Rob James, General Manager for 3J Finance commented: The deployment of Aquarium's case management software solution has been a complete success. The Aquarium system has enabled us to collect money with optimum efficiency, ensuring each subscriber is actively managed until fully paid up. We believe the business model we have developed with Aquarium is highly transferable and of value to other businesses. We plan to aggressively market this outsourced service to other companies in 2009.

Aquarium Software provides claims and case management software solutions to businesses in a diverse range of market segments. Leveraging web-based, cloud computing technologies, coupled with business process automation and CRM tools, Aquarium is able to provide business solutions that would normally be out of reach to all but the largest enterprises.

Mark Colonnese, Marketing Director for Aquarium Software, said: Many software solutions of this complexity and functionality are priced in a way which puts them totally beyond the budget of most SMEs. Particularly in the current economic climate, we are finding that our business process and claims management software solutions are proving to be attractive not only to SMEs but also to larger companies looking to run more efficient processes - without huge capital costs or additional headcount.

To find out more, look at Aquarium's interactive product ibrochure, available at AquariumClaims is designed to be quick to set up and is available at a comparatively lower cost. It uses the latest web-based technology giving users a powerful solution at a cost that traditional software providers cannot match. For further information contact Aquarium Software, free of charge, on 0800-781-7570 or visit

Notes to Editors

Traditional software is installed locally on the user's own server, so requires the user's IT staff to install and update the software. By using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, Aquarium does away with this, taking care of installation, maintenance and upgrading of the software as well as secure data storage. The company has an innovative pricing model so, instead of the traditional upfront license costs, ongoing maintenance charges and heavy consultancy set-up fees, Aquarium can offer users faster start-up and much more flexible pay-as-you-go pricing.

Ref: ECA035 - 3J Finance

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Media Contact: BeyondPR. Tel: +44-(0)114-275-6996. Mob: +44-(0)7930-697773