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A new study from Salford University has shown us exactly why wearing FitFlop sandals can help provide...


FitFlop sandals were originally designed to make it easier for wearers to stay in shape, with multi-density microwobbleboardTM midsoles to create an unstable environment, they force leg muscles to work harder to maintain posture and balance. But literally weeks after launch, testimonials from delighted pain-free FitFlop sandal wearers started pouring in, detailing not only improved posture, but relief from chronic lower back pain and plantar foot pain (like heel spurs and plantar fasciitis). At first we attributed the auspicious side-effect to the FitFlop biomechanically-aligned design, but after thousands of wearers reported the same, we knew we were onto something.

*Biomechanists Dr Philip Graham-Smith and Richard Jones at Salford University have identified that gait analysis techniques (motion analysis, forces, electromyography and in-shoe pressure analysis) can provide us with an insight as to how the microwobbleboard multi-density midsole is responsible for alleviating a host of muscular-skeletal conditions. Also identified via pressure map analysis was a visual confirmation of the 'wobble' effect when walking in FitFlop sandals. Results showed a greater contact area in mid-stance and a more consistent gait (walking) pattern. This means your foot is in contact with the soft mid-section of the FitFlop for longer, encouraging greater stimulation of the feet and muscles in the lower body. Each of the subjects were fitted with small reflective markers and electrodes, photographed and filmed while walking to monitor movement. This information was used to create an animation of a skeleton walking in exactly the same way as the subject. 'Qualysis' motion analysis, Electromyography (Noraxon) and Tekscan in-shoe pressure analysis were chosen as appropriate monitoring programmes for the study.

These are a great investment. I purchased three pairs for my sisters and I. My back and foot pain have diminished by 50% even so I no longer take pain meds. I truly recommend them.

Melissa, Washington, United States

I love my FitFlops, they have helped tremendously since my car accident and seem to stop my pelvis from rotating.

Claire, Essex, United Kingdom

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